Travel Advisor November, 2015

Breakthrough partnerships deliver effective solutions and value-added services

In order for a travel management company to be a truly effective and valuable partner for their customers, they must be able to look beyond standard best practices and identify worthwhile new solutions among a myriad of products being touted as the latest and greatest. At Adelman we have made it our mission to learn what is needed to effectively serve our clients in a fast-paced and highly integrated world, and then seek out innovative partnerships that help us deliver valuable new solutions for our customers. For this reason we have partnered with Olset, CheckMate and TripBAM to offer our customers a dynamic suite of products that will improve the hotel experience.

Historically, hotel data available through standard booking systems has been quantitative. By partnering with Olset, Adelman is now able to bring qualitative insights to our travelers, allowing our customers to gain a better feel for what they can expect from a hotel. Olset's database features approximately 500,000 hotels, 50 million traveler reviews and 200 million categorized traveler sentiments, which are prominently displayed on the Adelman Itinerary/Invoice.

Once hotel reservations are secured, Adelman's partnership with CheckMate provides a more streamlined approach for mobile hotel check-in. Customers can simply use the check-in link, powered by CheckMate, located on their Adelman Itinerary/Invoice to complete the mobile check-in process. By using this feature, travelers not only save time upon arrival at the property, they will not need to download or access separate mobile check-in apps for each hotel chain.

In the near future, Adelman will be unveiling our hotel attachment technology, powered by TripBAM. This solution will review qualifying reservations that do not contain a hotel booking, search for corporate client preferred hotels, generate a notification with a suggested property and offer a click-to-book feature, creating a seamless experience for the traveler.

By improving the hotel experience, Adelman's goal is to encourage travelers to book hotels within corporate policy, which ultimately increases an organizations ability to negotiate rates and provide duty of care to its travelers. Our customers can count on Adelman to proactively search out innovative and effective end-to-end solutions and value-added services that meet and exceed our clients' unique needs now and in the future.

Adelman teams with US Bank to offer a complete global corporate payment solution

Adelman Travel has formed a strategic alliance with US Bank to offer the travel industry's first end-to-end spend management solution. Our co-branded MasterCard and Visa products include corporate cards, purchasing cards, central-billing accounts, single-use virtual cards and an e-payables solution.

Under this new agreement U.S. Bank's industry-leading global payment tools will be integrated with Adelman's booking and back-office solutions. This will enable mutual clients to leverage Adelman's managed travel solutions and U.S. Bank's payment products.

As part of this new alliance, U.S. Bank's virtual payment solution will be made available to joint clients with no additional fees. Plus the program includes an aggressive rebate structure tied to all of the products in the program.

"This partnership allows our corporate clients to gain a clear picture of their entire spend and maximize their rebate earnings, while reducing their travel management program fees." said Steve Cline, president and chief operating officer of Adelman Travel. According to Bradley Matthews, head of Middle Market Product & Marketing for U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems, "Adelman's highly regarded travel management solutions are a perfect fit with U.S. Bank's suite of innovative and efficient global payment technologies."

For more information on this exciting new spend management solution, please contact your Adelman Global Management Consultant.

Adelman delivers answers to rising hotel rates

As the gap between new hotel construction and increased demand widens, hoteliers are enjoying some of the highest occupancy levels in years. As a result, analysts say hotels will have an upper hand during corporate rate negotiations and expect that hoteliers will be able to push prices up by 6.5 to 7.5 percent in 2016, representing the biggest jump in 10 years. Standard rates have already been rising at a fairly significant pace, but corporate rates have been held to generally small increases over the past few years. Experts say there is now some catching up to be done in the corporate arena.

Traveler buyers will also see more fees as hotels continue to tack on a variety of ancillary surcharges. It is expected that by the end of 2015 hotels will have collected a record $2.47 billion in fees. With no sign of this trend subsiding, savvy corporate buyers will want to determine exactly what inclusions, services and amenities are needed so that fees can be mitigated during the negotiation process.

Adelman’s multifaceted hotel program will assist buyers with the entire process. By providing travel analysis, negotiation assistance and access to the most competitive rates and value-added amenities, Adelman will help ensure that our customers are getting the most for their hotel dollar. Adelman also delivers more coverage with negotiated rate discounts at over 30,000 properties in 137 countries and at a diverse range of accommodations and price points to meet the varied demands of our corporate travelers. Contact your Adelman consultant for expert assistance with all of your hotel needs.