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Adelman TVL App

Adelman TVL

The Adelmanís TVL mobile app informs business travelers when their travel choices meet with their companiesí travel policies. Adelman TVL awards points that can be used to recognize and reward top performers.

Adelman TVL looks and acts like a game, but itís actually a corporate travel management solution. When business travelers input their travel choices, the app awards points for achievement on specific itinerary elements. Top company performers are listed on a corporate-branded company leader board, and companies can customize which activities warrant recognition and what rewards to give. Travel arrangers can use the Adelman TVL app, too.

Your company can purchase this solution for a minimal fee. The app is free to download from the Apple Store and is available to all Adelman Travel corporate travel clients.*

*Requires an activation code to use. This product is not available as an individual solution.