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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please let us know if you encounter any problems or have suggestions. To send a comment, go to Contact Us and inquire regarding Online Booking Support.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

  • Click on the Forgot My Password or Lost Password link on the login page. Enter your login ID (and company id if prompted) and we will send you your password hint. Passwords are case sensitive.

My account is locked from trying password too many times, how do I unlock it?

  • If your account becomes locked please Contact Us to have your password reset.

Why does the system sometimes seem slow?

  • The online system applies your company's policy and searches for contracted rates, a function that other sites do not do.  This requires additional processing time.
  • You may be doubling security. Make sure your Internet Explorer settings are at Medium Security under Tools Internet Options-Security
  • If you are outside your company network, do not connect to your VPN. Go to and then access online booking through the link that is located there

When should I Search by Price or Search by Schedule?

  • A Price Search looks for the flights with the lowest fare, within the specified time window as well as any other applied preferences (such as Number of Connections).  You will not see a lower fare option that may be available if it is outside the time window.
  • A Schedule Search shows you all the flights for the day and you can make your own flight selection. It will still look for lower fares within the time window you have specified.

Why did the system show me flights for a different airport?

  • The system defaults to showing you flights into all neighboring airports in larger cities to try to find the lowest fare.

I have seen a lower fare somewhere else why can't I see it in the system?

There may be various reasons why the lowest fare flight is not showing:

  • Check your settings in Air Search on Flight Page.
  • If your Class of Service is other than Coach you will not see the lowest fare.
  • If you see options for Refundable Only, No Penalty, or Unrestricted that are checked the system will be searching for fully refundable fares, which are more expensive.
  • If  you see an option for Accept Penalty Fares that is unchecked the system will be searching for fully refundable fares, which are more expensive.
  • Many public web sites display a "From" rate that may change or may no longer be available when you purchase the flight. 
  • If you are seeing a rate that can actually be booked, that site may have specific inventory priced only for that site.
  • Some fares may only be available for specific

I am having difficulty finding a specific hotel.

  • The hotel may be sold out.
  • The address in the database may not match what you entered, for example:  1st St. vs. First St.
  • If you entered a specific address or company location, make sure you limit the Search within distance to 5 miles or less to limit the number of responses given.  Otherwise, the system will show you many hotels and you may need to view more than one page to find your hotel.

Why do hotel web sites allow me to book lower rates than the system?

  • There are times when hotels put rooms at a discount to sell only on their Web site or internet sites.  However, there are often additional Internet fees and strict penalties attached to those prices for cancellations or changes to the reservation. 
  • Additionally booking on a hotel Web site adds more time to the booking process.  It does not provide all of the information on one itinerary, which can be inconvenient to the traveler and for expense reimbursement whereas booking through Adelman can provide a complete itinerary. 
  • Booking on Internet sites does not allow your company to use volume to negotiate better rates and there is no way to track traveler's whereabouts in the event of an individual or national emergency.   

Can I book at any time?

  • Yes.  However, if you are booking after normal business hours we will ask that you call our Emergency Services team 1-800-231-3999 to ensure that the reservation gets ticketed for the listed airfare.  Please advise the agent of the last name of the traveler and travel date.   Also, your reservation may also be subject to any applicable company approval process.