Contact: Laura Schad

Adelman Travel Partners with IVCi and nuTravel to Leverage Next Generation of Managed Video Conferencing

(Milwaukee, WISCONSIN, August 5, 2013) – Adelman Travel, a leading business travel management company, along with nuTravel, a global managed online booking solution, have partnered with IVCi, a foremost provider of collaboration services and solutions, to deliver an integrated video & travel portal as part of IVCi’s Unified Video Travel Experience service.

This service will allow organizations to add policy decisions to inform users who seek to book travel as to the availability of video as an alternative between the locations. In this enhanced service, Adelman Travel is the business intelligence and expense management provider and nuTravel is the technology provider behind the portal.

“IVCi has engaged nuTravel to create a new meeting portal, and we’ve partnered with Adelman to create a brand new reporting and expense management solution,” said Chris Böttger, senior vice president of collaboration services at IVCi. “Our enhanced service will make it easier for would-be travelers to identify an alternative way to complete their meetings. Users will be able to see real time cost avoidance when booking a meeting in addition to receiving green credits for carbon dioxide savings.”

Adelman’s proprietary solution will be the exclusive reporting tool for customers interested in calculating real time return on investment, cost avoidance and carbon emissions. Additionally, customers may opt to integrate with the managed travel solution as a single portal that allows organizations to offer alternatives at the time a user attempts to book travel. The web-based reports will be available to the end-user 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In this environment a single reporting and expense management system delivers a real time travel cost spent versus cost avoided ratio that allows CFO’s to measure the return on their video conferencing investment.

“Prior to partnering with Adelman on this web-based reporting solution, IVCi was responsible for distributing reports to their customers,” said Ivan Imana, Chief Information Officer at Adelman Travel. “IVCi selected Adelman’s reporting tool for their enhanced interface in order to provide clients with a best-in-class online reporting solution that will provide travel managers and procurement professionals with the ability to influence travel policy decisions and determine how to best use their companies’ video conferencing capabilities.”

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