Contact: Laura Schad

Adelman Travel's New Mobile App Rewards Business Travelers

(Milwaukee, WISCONSIN) – Adelman Travel has developed a new mobile app that informs business travelers when their travel choices meet with their companies’ travel policies, and awards points that can be used to recognize and reward top performers.

“It looks and acts like a game,” said Ivan Imana, chief information officer at Adelman, “but it’s actually a corporate travel management solution. Some companies have travel policies that employees see as restrictive. We wanted to focus on rewarding and recognizing travelers for good choices – and we wanted to make it fun.”

The app was designed and programmed entirely by Adelman Travel, but has game-like features. When business travelers input their travel choices, the app awards points for achievement on specific itinerary elements. Top company performers are listed on a company leader board, and companies can customize which activities warrant recognition and what rewards to give.

“Some companies focus on a ‘stick’ approach,” said Imana, “where employees are only told when they’ve strayed from the corporate travel policy. We’ve developed a ‘carrot’ approach – that focuses on fun and rewards.”

Imana said the new Apple iOS app is available to all of Adelman Travel’s corporate travel clients. It features Adelman Travel branding, but allows corporate customers to add their own branding as well. Adelman is considering an Android app as well.

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