(Milwaukee, WISCONSIN, April 8, 2013) –Adelman Travel has added reward travel booking to its list of business, leisure and vacation travel solutions.

“Many credit card holders earn reward points when they use their credit cards,” said Steve Cline, chief operating officer of Adelman Travel, “and often those points are redeemed for travel or vacations. There are many other kinds of travel rewards as well, including sales promotions, customer loyalty programs, employee recognition and rewards and business, social and fraternal association travel rewards. This is a multi-billion dollar industry.”

Adelman has opened up a new, state-of-the-art call center at its corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to accommodate the business. “We are known in the travel industry for our high level of professionalism, and this extends to all of our telephone customer service representatives. Since we opened the Rewards Travel Call Center, we’ve received continual, unsolicited compliments from customers on our customer service representatives. That tells us we’re doing it right – the Adelman way.”

All customer service representatives and managers of the travel rewards division are Adelman Travel employees. In addition, Adelman has invested further into its existing ACD phone system by incorporating email prioritization and email reporting metrics, as well as additional monitoring capabilities. These new features allow Adelman to provide best in class service in the most productive manner.

Cline said Adelman opportunities in the rewards travel industry are immediate and manifold. “I would say the sky’s the limit, but we will never expand at the expense of quality or customer satisfaction. We will be thoughtful about growing this business.”

Cline also expects this new venture to boost its corporate travel model and address the problem of the dramatically shrinking pool of qualified travel consultants. “By hiring highly experienced customer service representatives and providing extensive training on the travel business, we’ve found a way to integrate future travel consultants into our core business much more effectively.”

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