Housing and Registration

Sourcing and Housing

AdelmanSummit will help you secure the best destination and hotel for your program based on your parameters. 

At no cost** to you, Adelman Summit will:

• Circulate a Request for Proposal to qualified hotels in our global network

• Gather information and provide you with a hotel comparison matrix

• Work with hotels to obtain the best available rates, discounts, concessions and amenities

• Negotiate both hard cost and liability savings on your behalf

• Arrange site inspection/s of potential event sites


online registration

AdelmanSummit uses SPGEventFormer, our proprietary web-based registration program, to create a unique multi-page event website, complete with: welcome message, event and destination information, agenda, sponsor and vendor information, FAQs and more.

• Website is linked to an online event registration form hosted on a secure server

• SPGEventFormer provides a simple registration process for attendees and an effortless date management system for the client

• Payment collection capabilities

• Online follow up surveys available

• InstaMatch roommate function

• Flexible, customizable reporting capabilities

• Custom reports can be sent daily, weekly or monthly via email or fax

• Reports can be provided in Excel, HTML or PDF formats

• Real time data and online access 24/7

• Complete Event Communications Solution

Additionally, we employ the SignUp4 Event Management SystemTM, an easy-to- use, intuitive online software tool that enables us to create and manage event-specific websites for virtually any meeting or event. Based on years of experience in the meetings management industry, the System offers a simple, comprehensive event website creation and registration solution.


Easy to use, customizable tool

over a dozen separate website templates, or build your own according to the specific event or meeting requirements

Robust data collection and reporting

• Provides virtually unlimited data collection capabilities

• Collected data becomes a powerful meeting management resource

• On-demand custom reporting tool enables meeting and event planners to create an unlimited number of report types

• Keeps all internal participants up to date on progress and attendee data

• Real time updates are accessible via live links over the Internet

Powerful event marketing and communications—

offers features that allow us to keep attendees up to date on additions or changes to planned activities